Additions to ZIM Editor and Kids Slate

The ZIM Editor now has zapp directives to be able to set Frame parameters from inside the editor - see - also see the GUIDE under SPECIAL for the available list.

The Expo page now has a QR code to easily launch the page from mobile. Go to ZAPPS then press any EXPO link on the bars. In the Editor the QR code is at the top and on the solo Expo page the QR code is on the bottom. Let us know if you think they should both be on the top - or both on the bottom or if we are good as is.

  • QR Code Top in Editor and Bot in Expo
  • QR Code Top in Editor and Top in Expo
  • QR Code Bot in Editor and Bot in Expo
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Thanks to @karelrosseel82 for many of the ideas in this thread. Karel has been working tirelessly to help teachers in Europe use ZIM to teach kids to code.

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ZIM Kids Slate now has QR codes in the Expo. Slate does not have PROMO pages nor an external Expo page. This is to keep kids within ZIM Kids. So the QR codes will help them view examples on mobile more easily. There already is a QR code button once you are viewing CODE it switches to QR but that is a little hidden.

Tidied up the bottom of the BEAM from ZIM Kids so it does not include the window frame and error message code only used in Slate.

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ZIM Kids Slate now has INFO and QR buttons in the Zapps list and in the Expo list