All you need to make HTML 5 games - Isometric Board Game Tutorial

Here is the Isometric Board Game Tutorial on Medium.

And the YouTube video: Make HTML 5 Games - Isometric Board Game Tutorial

Make some noise! Do some shares! Make the game!


is there a zapp with the example with orbs?

Yes - listed in the Medium Tutorial. I don't think we added it to the Zapps page... will do that soon... these are what we are presenting at the Game Challenge coming up.

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Yes :slight_smile: i remember that and want make a Isometric Board Game and i hope i have time to do that :slight_smile:

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The Tutorial has been published in Level Up Coding



Yes .. maybe use it for the competition


Welcome to CodeCup!

We offer you a challenging programming contest. Anybody can participate; there are no age restrictions or other special requirements. The CodeCup never charges entry fees.

In 2024 the game for the contest is Sudoku. We have placed a description of the rules online. You can always watch a sample game being played.


After you login in to the CodeCup system you can submit your program. You can find the submission section under "My submissions". Your submission will be tested automatically against our sample players to ensure that it follows the rules. After passing this check your program is ready to compete! Note that your program must be capable of playing both as first and second.

We will hold test competitions every three weeks starting in August. In these competitions you will see how your program performs against other players. You can follow the complete games and use this information to improve your strategy.

The official Sudoku competition has been played on January 20th 2024. You can go directly to the final ranking of the programs.

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The article is doing pretty well on Medium with lots of claps.

and the YouTube video is okay too. If you are on YouTube or Medium, please give the tutorials some love. You can clap more than once! See how many you can do!

We are now working on our second tutorial of four. If anyone has any suggestions or comments on the format of the Article or Video, please let us know.


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maybe a sudoku game also.. many people like sudoku.. it is a sort of tile with numbers.. :slight_smile:

Just checking... this is a Member Only story - can you guys see it? It used to be that you got to see 6 stories a week or something like that. Which I thought was fine. But I don't want to do members only if you can't see the story at all.

I could not view it. :confused:

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Okay, I read up on it. If you have logged in to Medium then you can read some of it. If you are a paid member at Medium then you can read all of it. If you are not signed up then sign up you can read all of it. OR I can share a friends and fans link. So that is what I will do from now on! I will adjust the top link as well.

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That works as expected! :+1:


Love it, very valuable resource and many thanks :slight_smile: Doctor.