All you need to make HTML 5 Games - Tile Game Tutorial

The 4th Tutorial in the "All you need to" series has been published on Level Up Coding! Here is a friend's link - drop on by and give it a go! And some claps. You can clap many times... see how many!

This game is more complete with sounds, leader board, levels, etc.

If you have any questions about the tutorial - you are welcome to ask here.

This orignial game from is now made in ZIM 016 here


Thanks to play it ..

@karelrosseel82 you can use the Pane() with keyboardAccess:true so we have keyboard right away without having to press on the outside of the stage in the iFrame - which nobody would guess.

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ok I see the parameter is in Pane({keyboardAccess:true})
can you add this also to the examples for kids..
for example Kids>events level 2 and 3?
there is still no F.keyboardMessage()
but "click on the outside frame"

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so a pane with the word chase .

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