doesn't fire after switching tabs

I noticed that the animation I have has an important call function and during my testing I would switch tabs to look at the ZIM docs. Upon returning to my page the object that was supposed to change after the animation didn't.

Thanks for letting us know. We did a test here ZIM - Animate Call Test - Code Creativity and when we tab to something else, the animate pauses so when I come back it then goes again. And it does make a call. I am now testing to see if the requestAnimationFrame will eventually animate something even though very slowly. And then see if that does animate... does it call - like when it finishes when not in focus. The test is me typing this... so I am being nice and verbose.... Okay - going to look. Nope... it did not finish... just started animating again. So... I am back and seeing if it finishes after some more time... when it was very close to the end. Like 10 pixels away. Okay - going to look. I went back and as soon as I got there... it fired the zogr() to the console. So I can't seem to recreate at ZIM - Animate Call Test - Code Creativity. Was it a different kind of animation? Like a series?