Cam motion volunteer

We have ZIM Cam() that can capture motion in the cam and add a cursor where the motion is, etc. However there is cam code in p5js that is faster at doing this - see the coding train guy... @karelrosseel82 maybe you can dig up some links for it.

My question is, is there someone @josephd, @pettis, or any others that might want to take a look at converting this into ZIM so we can improve our Cam module? We would like to get around to it one day... but are on other things. Give me a DM if so.

yes I would like to use 2 markers also
check all the video of this tuturial

he found new code to find CamCursor!

please check the video (uploaded today!)
Cheers Karel

Some of these were the one I was thinking of... there might be more...

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