CDN and NPM updates


Traditionally NPM (Node Package Manager) updates were delayed until the ZIM major version on the CDN was announced stable - usually about a month. We have streamlined the process now so patches to the CDN version will also be patched on GitHub and the NPM version at the same time.


We will be continuing with ZIM 016, ZIM 017, etc. as major versions. The CDN will get the major version number only and will just be patched.


Note: do not be at all concerned as to whether you should be using NPM. The only reason you would is if you are using ZIM inside something like React, VUE, Svelte, Angular which are all set up through NPM and for which we have ZIM Templates on the CODE page.


Every NPM update needs a version increase so we will just keep updating the sub sub versions until we run out and then increase the sub version, etc. this gives us 100 changes. We can also increasing sub sub versions beyond 9 to 10, 11, etc. as long as we want. But, the thoughts are, by the time we reach 100 patches, we will probably have launched a major version.


ZIM 16.2.3 will become ZIM 16.2.4 for the next patch.

After ZIM 16.2.9 we will go to ZIM 16.3.0.

These sub and sub sub versions only mean that there has been a patch since the last one.

The patches can be followed on the zimjs GitHub.