Couple of Three.js ZIM questions

Well i'm still studying and at this moment haven't found the answers to these questions, so I thought : Let's ask in the new forum just to be sure.

  1. When working with 3D objects in Zim (with or without using textureactives) can the system also load GLB (the binary version of GLTF) ?

  2. Are draco compressed files supported (huge gain in used filesize/bandwidth)

  3. Can we PRELOAD the glb data with a zim preloader (nicely showing a progress bar) before we init the scene? Or is it always lazy async loading of 3D scene data?

  4. Is there any kind of physics library supported ? Not that I want to do extremely difficult stuff, but I would be nice to be able th throw a dice and see it randomly fall.

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  1. yes glb.

  2. I don't know

  3. I don't know - I have always done the lazy load.

  4. Yes. Have not really used them so not sure which is best.

There is a three.js forum that is also on discourse.

yes @EducaSoft I made some examples

and with skeleton and skull and spaceX and wooden arrow

.. so yes it is possible
check also onlythe glb file

and for cosmix planetarium movie

.. and I have lots more :slight_smile: