Dialog Example for speech bubbles or text bubbles

Here is a Tweet to a CodePen example


An updated version of the ZIM NFT launch example...


We post the tweet, so some of you will check out the ZIM feed there and perhaps leave a like or two... then when CodePen people see that, they see we are active... of course, if you follow right to CodePen, that would be handy too... the more likes on all these things the better.

We could just post in the ZIM Editor... but that does not help bring people into ZIM. We can put them in both places and we have in the past with about 100 examples we brought in from CodePen to the Editor. So... I guess both places are good ;-).

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yes super.. dialog is so cool for teachers!

did you make a zapp for dialog() already?

We spelled speech wrong! Oh no!

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