Did you know gif and jpg wavelet compression is by Belgian woman Ingrid?

Yesterday it was Pi-day : pi = 3,14 = 14 march.
https://youtu.be/xrGzy4XuiHU?si=WhWnIdcV5atT0-pW video with
Ingrid made wavelet compression for JPG technolgy is made by Belgian Mathematics: Ingrid
info on the website https://comeseedaubechies.weebly.com/wavelets.html

a little advertisment made with ZIM 3D glasses and movie on it

(she also want girls to do more mathematics by wiskunnnend wiske at university brussels: Wiskunnend Wiske | Vrije Universiteit Brussel ) movie
she into the movie into this glass.
ZAPP: VRbril 360graden @ Itec + Fti.vlaanderen | ZIM JavaScript Canvas Framework
ZAPP: VR bril voor fti.vlaanderen: Flanders Technolgy and Innovation (draai in 3D) | ZIM JavaScript Canvas Framework

In flanders we have from today 15 march to 24 march alls flanders techology activities
https://youtu.be/VkRAbj1a1_U?si=s9vHQriCYBAQw2gz with Barack Obama coming to Antwerp

:slight_smile: greetings

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