Dino pixelated how to load an asset into the F.loadAsset

I'm trying to make the dino game of Chrome with pixel
I figured out how to use it as zapp

but question can asset() be replaced with new Pic()

  • now a pic need to be loaded before using it
    so It would be cool it isn't necessary to load before pixelating it

    any idea how to add an inputbox
    => I think it will be solved when using a new Pic() because it isn't necessary to F.loadAssets or F.zapp_asset to do anymore

check my zapp here

it already works for emoji
https://zimjs.com/zapp/full/E_WEAVV and https://zimjs.com/zapp/E_WEAVV

Are you trying to put your pixel character into your dino game?

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yes I almost did finish my project..
any idea also how to make it?
the idea comes from https://labs.google/gendino where you can choose a pixelated image to jump, to jump over, and background :slight_smile:

I made it posseble also to draw pixels yourself