Example works on chromebook but not Android phone

Can you test this file .. I do not get any text displaed

But the same code works for the other file..
Can somebody test please on their phone?

It would be easier to test on a phone if you show the QR code for it - or the link to the promo page instead... I get a text box on the computer when I talk into it. Found the promo:

I see the mouth move but nothing shows up. When I test here ZIM 016 - Speech Continuous - Code Creativity then I get the box with words. So there must be something in your code. Also remember - this does not work on Apple... so anyone testing... note it would be Android only.

what do you see.. I work on chromebook and see the box with text when I'm talking.. 'interim' is not actvated .. it is sentence by sentence .. + you can talk other languages also.. so not dectecting only 'one language' , .. can you add array of languages to your zim code?

i can even speak Dutch and it recognizes my name.. without any spelling problems.. :slight_smile:

the newer version can also play the text you where talking ZAPP: Boy talking with mouth | ZIM JavaScript Canvas Framework

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how can I show also a box into a message from a new zapp link?

If you add a link to a sentence it just stays a link (but turns it into the title). If you add it on a new line then it turns into a box. If you want the link to stay the actual link then put angle brackets < > around it.

I don't understand sorry Dan.

A link in a sentence like this CODE - ZIM JavaScript Canvas Framework - Code Creativity with ZIMjs! stays a link but converts it to a title.

A link on a line of its own like the one below

Becomes a box.

If you want the link in a sentence to be the actual link and not get converted to a title then put angle brackets around it. ANGLE link ANGLE then it stays like this https://zimjs.com/code.html - without the title.

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