Firefox Voice Recognition Bug

The speech recognition app is not working for us on Firefox:

We have commented out the line below in ZIM as it was giving an error on Firefox. Basically, SpeechRecognitionEvent is undefined (it should not be undefined on Firefox) so it was looking for the webkit version which does not exist. With this commented out the example still works on Chrome. It no longer gives an error on Firefox but the speech.html page does not work for us. Does it for you?

Perhaps someone (@pettis @capi421 @josephd) would like to dig into this and see if it can be fixed for Firefox.

To debug, download a local version of and a local version of speech.html. I do not even see where SpeechRecognitionEvent is being used in ZIM - it is not really in the code aside from that line. But maybe it is needed for inside some JS native code?

Is this relevant? It's disabled by default:

Yes - I have all of them on... sigh. I wish that were it.

Hmm. How about this?

Well - that would explain it. Surprised, though as it got in a Nightly build apparently some time ago according to a StackOverflow message - so assumed it was on. And what are the flags for! Lol. Flags for the Future!

I will leave this open if there is any more news on it...