First steps to learn three.js and zim combination

What should I look at first to be best?

The 3 youtube video's Zim under the hood 7 ?

Of the 2 zim Explore video's 79 and 80 ?

I kinda think the under the hoods are the basics and probably best to watch first ? They are quite long video's :wink: so I rather ask here to see them in the preferred order.

I learn by studying various examples and videos. Study these examples:

view-source:ZIM 015 - TextureActive Interface - Code Creativity

view-source:ZIM 015 - TextureActive Puzzle - Code Creativity

I still need the basics of three.js too, since I habe unity3D experience and babylon.js, but not three.js

But thanks for pointing to these links Pettis.

Definitely the explore videos, Bart. They were made for you. Under the hood is not needed by most - it is more like a story about how the code was implemented in ZIM.

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on my way ! <3