Free and netural move for player

I want to draw a circle that travels through space.
And move randomly but not exactly those in circular and soft movements.
Like Animale of fly and dont go out from the space.
And always the "face" off the circle of triangle is front to the direction of his movement.

If you want an object to face towards a final destination point, you can get the angle of the object's position to the destination point and use that as a rotation. This would allow the "face" to track the destination point while the "body" travels in a different direction.

const radians = Math.atan2(dst.y - obj.y, dst.x - obj.x);
obj.rotation = radians * 180 / Math.PI;

That will of course look somewhat harsh since it's a direct angle to an unmoving point. You could move the destination point around with an ease to smooth the rotational adjustments, or add some inertia to the rotation itself based on how off the trend line of travel has been, etc.

Sorry - missed this one!

Here is somewhat of an answer - it spins around as the angle goes from say 5 to 355. It should just animate the shortest route - so see if you can figure that out - I have done it before but I have a party to go to!

Just hide alp(0) the bug to make it a bird moving around on its own.

Wow! Thanks!