Glad to be back after 1,5 years of illness

Well hello Dan and all other users. After some time :face_exhaling: and some illness :sneezing_face: I'm finally back.

In the past I made some nice educational activities using ZIM at and now I will investigate and try to make some educational 3D multiplayer 3D board games using ZIM.

I found out that in my periode of absense ZIM didn't stand still and I'll first start by looking at the zim explores (79 and 80) about three.js and then some others about textureactive and such. Exciting times ahead.

Multiplayer will probably be / node.js

The project will be totally non-commercial and maybe in the future other people are interested in joining. The first game I want to make will probably be a multiplayer version of LUDO or a Connect 4 (probably Connect 4 first) to learn the business and then I'd like to make simple educational boardgames in multiplayer and multilanguage.

Glad to be back!


Welcome back Bart! We plan on updating ZIM Socket to the latest version of very soon. That is one of the things we are working on next. So will post the status here. At the moment, the old seems to be having problems with CORS errors unless we add your server to our whitelist. Hoping an update will get around this. If you have not tried ZIM Socket - here it is ZIM - Socket Module - JavaScript Canvas Framework - ZIMjs

Hi Dan. I think that the socket part will probably be just plain vanilla and all the rest ZIM. But.... who knows. I will first have to learn what the capabilities are for working with tree.js and ZIM. I was hoping that I could have a FULL (to say it in zim terms) template with 3D scene and then a 2D layer overlay for interface, but I don't know if this will really be a 3D scene wit 2D overlay separately or if it will be a 3D scene where I would overlay something 2Dish with a textureactive ? There are multiple ways, but I'll need to study what ZIM offers before I can choose and I was away for too long , so a lot of new stuff appeared :wink:

what do you mean with "t around this" ?

lol - I am not sure what you mean by 'what do you mean with "t around this" ?'. Here is a screenshot of what I posted:

If you are asking about how an update will get around the CORS error, we are supposed to be able to accept all domains with a * or anonymous. But our current version of does not seem to work properly and gives us CORS errors unless we explicitly add the domain to a list. So perhaps the updated version will work.

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I plan on running the html and assets on my webserver (that is a shared but superfast server) and then would rent a vps for the nodejs socket implementation

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If you have worked with before then fine - you are probably happy. If you have not, then you may find ZIM Socket easier. You do not have to use our node server, you can add the socket code to your server and then use ZIM Socket from your server. Of course, that would get around any CORS issues.

if I would use your node server, then I am abusing your bandwidth. Of course that would be a solution, but I prefer to pay for my own bandwidth :wink:

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Hi Bart! Back from illness .. thanks to join again our 2 belgians :slight_smile: I made already 3d project for example

See my video full with examples (into the discription also 3d an VR!)