Graduation and Roadmap

Just had two days of Graduations. One for the College where I teach and the other for a family member - my goodness, just spent most of the day in Toronto traffic - foot, bike and car. I am now home in peaceful Dundas. Time for a nap. This was on the tail end of a Vancouver holiday.

Hopefully, it is clear sailing for the rest of the summer vacation that is the month of June. I plan to make the Dr Abstract site with TextureActive technology. Should be fun just on the first steps of creating a 3D logo.

There are perhaps 40 items regarding the ZIM Site, the Editor, ZIM Kids to get to as well... that will happen over July and August. This might roll into some sort of ZIM 017 release... although, as of yet, there is nothing major that we have on our mind so if we think of something, the release would probably be the Fall.

In the Fall, we start a new School year at Sheridan and are accepting new post-grad students. You would need some sort of undergrad or diploma before taking the year in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. COLLEGE - Interactive Media Post-grad - with ZIM's Dr Abstract at Sheridan College - I would be happy to answer any questions about the program. DM me.

The Sheridan graduation just took place and here is a shot that is up on their Instagram that happened to catch a few of us! Such a nice, talented class.


I want to be part of your students .. :slight_smile:
cool idea to make 3D website and fall release 017
Thanks a lot to inspire the world!
Greetings from Belgium

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