Have you used other frameworks and libraries?

Have you used other frameworks and libraries? What were they like? Anything we might want to do in ZIM that is similar?


jsxgraph (plotly,functionplot), google model viewer

We have yet to introduce any chart/graph classes... it is hard to imagine competing with D3 for instance. But still might be handy to have a helper library for graphs. Will probably get to it one day.

One of my older projects I adopted to ZIM but continued to use Matterjs for the physics engine. I like it more than Box2d. There is no gravity weirdness going from 30hz monitor to 120hz monitor. You can turn objects back and forth from static to dynamic. You can do collisionTests without losing object scopes.

I can work on a wrapper / adapter script if you want.

Sure, @pettis - that would be great. We had always planned on offering a second physics but have not yet. Perhaps we can make it bring in matter if importing zim_physics2 is used? Let's see if we can keep the same API in ZIM but if not, we can doc the differences.