Hello :) Congratulations on the new forum

Forward! What fun with ZIM we will win!


Woot! And Ami gets the first to misspell ZIM award. Welcome - glad you are here.

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Ah… just found out that I can edit other people’s posts! Muahhhhhaaaa! So @amihanya - it now appears that you did not misspell ZIM.


I think that you can see the revisions. Look at the pencil at the top right of the posts. Can you see that too? Also… can you edit my posts? Or is that an Admin thing?

New forum, new name! :slight_smile: I love it!

Thanks Dr. Abstract and ZIM community!


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I see a pencil on the lower right to the left of the reply, to edit my post I pressume.

@mathtechie - welcome!!! Do you see a pencil at the bottom of my posts inside the … ?

No. I only see it on my posts.

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Good… now you can change my English ‘than’ to ‘then’ Zen :slight_smile:

lol - totally! @pettis was wondering if anyone uses a translator in Slack? Maybe there is a Discourse plugin that can do that? If that would be handy, we could look into it.