How can I filter a list to only show the 'Nederlands' voices for example

Hello Dan, any idea how I can filter a list to only show the Ducth=Nederlands languages? also I need voices 'nl-be' to be filtered so I see the google voice for nl=nederlands. Thanks to help DOCS - ZIM JavaScript Canvas Framework - Documentation

speech.voices is an array so you would want to put only the items that have the info you want into the list.

// where you used speech.voices use:
speech.voices.filter(item => item.includes("Neder"));

it works.. but how can I include "nl-nl" and "nl-be" and "neder"
item.includes("neder" + "nl-nl" + "nl-be") seems not to work?
any suggestion? thanks

because the filter of the list should update when I click an other button-filter
ZAPP: Laat de computer met alle nederlandse spraakstemmen werken | ZIM JavaScript Canvas Framework idea not yet working

Try each one individually

speech.voices.filter(item => item.includes("Neder") || item.includes("nl-nl") || etc.);

thanks yes that works!