How can I trigger an <enter> after textinput text typed in

I have a textinput and want to be able to enter and not click the button to search always

This is the app you can test it (idea is from a video Zoete Zusjes)

who can help me

my zapp

the words you can typ are talk are
just the same as in this video on landscape computer

or original idea on ipad

my zapp 1366 x 1024 px format

and promo

I found this code..

numKeyboard.on("enter", () => {
        if (som.text=="") return;

Not sure about the numkey code.

Normally F.on("keydown", e=>{
  if (e.key == "Enter") {}

You might want to find if the TextInput has focus:

Normally F.on("keydown", e=>{
  if (e.key == "Enter" && textInput.focus) {}