How to take picture with cam and use it for left/right side walking

any idea how to save a cached picture above a sprite that is walking.
A loader can open a file and export it for saving.. but is it possible online

who can help me?
the idea is the selfie cam now for a picture works.. but it is always the front-view of a picture.. I should need to have a still picture of my right/leftside face to use it into the sprite helmet.
here is the cam selfie zapp

I took the code from the docs example also at cam to be able to clear the background for example : but the save picture button is not yet working, can you help? Thanks

I think it would be fun to have your own sprite walking :slight_smile:

you can save the base64 in localStorage or use indexedDB:

Ok.. and do you have an example maybe in the editor?

You can see in the links

I got an app with picture inside an ufo!
so can double click
.. now I have to figger out how to count the numbers of the sjoebak (and make circle smaller when it is thrown to the top of the screen)

this is my zapp to test

anybody an idea?