Impulse max power

I try to make shot game.
but in big stage when i try to shot upper and longer when i add more shotPower its didn't make the shot stronger.
where I'm roung?

ZAPP: fly ball | ZIM JavaScript Canvas Framework (

Yes... I think I remember reading that there is a physical limit to speed. Try reducing the density of the object.

here its not matter how i change the shotPower its didn't fast and height after 10 (change in the URL and check it)

density didn't change the power :frowning:

Ah... if your world is too big then it reduces the force available

Try half your Frame dimensions. I am not sure if there is something we can do to let that be adjusted and keep the resolution. The Box2D world is as big as the stage.

I need to fake the big world?
and make new small frame with the box2d?

Try different Frame sizes, we usually use 1024 x 768 but if you went 800x600 then it would go even faster. Then make your objects fit that size and when ZIM scales to the window, etc. you should not be able to tell the difference.

Our Box2D scale is 30, we had hard coded that but it might be that if we let you choose that, then you could use bigger stage size and adjust the scale to 60 or something.

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You could use a copy of ZIM physics and change the scale to see if it works.

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