Kite picture + pen drawing a kiteTail.. not easy to make.. I can't get it smooth

I tried to make a kite with kitetail turning.. but with the zap of lost olive turning by flip
=> it is not smooth + with mouse difficult to draw because I can't hide the pen nib grey circle
who can help me
my zapp with kitetail

with rocket zapp

made with pen{type: "sprankles")
the idea of sprinkles

with zet() code

made with
and ZAPP lost olive

but I want the effect of orient but I don't know how to make the motionController orient

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How would you clear the canvas when using cache and blit?

no idea.. sorry @abstract ?

I have problem with the remaking of
my zapp

the arrows are not turning towards the pointer target..
any idea to solve?

@karelrosseel82 check for time in ms.

@mathtechie did not look at the blit code but you could blit a rectangle the size and color of the stage...