localStorage ZIMONON problem

1.how to set ZIMONON?

2.why can't do positionBoard ?//board.positionBoard(5, 5);

Ah... for the Board(), the loops have not been updated to the loop with the interval. Will solve this then have a look at the zimon.

And for the ZIMONON... it works with scripts but is broken for the @trust_level_4 ule. So... looking into that now and then will update the CDN, etc.

Okay - hopefully these issues have been fixed - thanks for letting us know.

Here is an example of using ZIMON - ZIMONON now works with the module.

And try your board again with a refresh.

    var testData={pause:true,
                  testFun:function () {
                    var num = 123
    var str=JSON.stringify(testData)

ZIMON can't stringify testData
CodePen Embed - localStorage ZIMONON problem?

Will add it to requests. Not sure if it can be done this way. Try writing it as a class, make an object from it and ZIMON.stringify() the object. Like the last example in the docs DOCS - ZIM JavaScript Canvas Framework - Documentation

I only want show a code snippets in labels,
maybe ZIMON.stringify() can do this,but...

Can you store them as strings?

have not get a fit method.

Sorry, what do you mean? :wink:

i can't show code in label or textArea.

Yes. The canvas is not the best for showing code. I use an image. Or usually HTML with prettify. If you need code in a TextAea, you may need to escape angle brackets and maybe some other things but you should be able to code to show in a TextArea.

If you are trying to ZIMON the textarea with code in it... not sure. Maybe with escaping the code properly.