Minor Updates to ZIM Site


We have adjusted Game Zaps to Game Go. Zaps was used to indicated how quick we can make games. Later came the concept of Zapps be ZIM apps. All the banners hold examples of Zapps. So it was best not to confuse the issue with Zaps.

We have also added DoDoDots to the Game Go banner section.


And added Vault 8 to the Escape Puzzles banner section.


Note that we can now jump to any section of the ZIM home page by adding the section title lowercase with no spaces to the end of the index.html#

For instance: https://zimjs.com/index.html#codeefficiency

The footer no longer has a Slack icon as the Forum and Discord links are at the top right. This does leave us room for one more Social Media icon. Does anyone think we are missing one?