Moire also now made in OctStudio

The new app now announce something ZIM had already long time as example .

Is also made in #ZIM check

@abstract can you make a zapp Demo of it? Thanks

Problem in title

And print

Well... it is saved as an accented e not sure why mobile or whatever has a problem - can you contact Apple or Android about it. I have just changed it to an e.

I found a solution @abstract so we can use é ë for België :slight_smile: also into the title

so I don't have to call apple and Android/Google?
Can you test this code into the head if it will not appear into the print page?
post of 2021

The pages are utf-8. That is all we should have to do. Contact Apple and Google.


Reading further... this is the post that you might have shown us...

We will look into it.

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