NFT Give-away for Discord Users

Welcome ZIMsters from Discord!

We started Discord at the time we were making Interactive NFTs - a very exciting time. We made $2,000 in the first month and made over 30 projects on fx(hash) and over 30 projects on TEIA (hic et nunc).

We would like to Air Drop (give) you QUANTUM TARGET while they last. Just post a response here with a "yes please" or anything and we will contact you with drop details!

Yes please. This would be my first NFT ever.

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Okay, @capi421 - we will direct message you!

In general, if you have not posted a few times then you will not see a MESSAGES section in the forum left nav. But we can still message you and will turn your messages on. It is just a spam prevention thing ;-).

ZIM is a general canvas framework and we make all sorts of things. See the TEN banners on the front of the ZIM site - and the same code was used to make Interactive NFTs on Teia and fx(hash). Here is another give away. This one is called TOUCHÉ TRUCHET a tool made with ZIM so you can make art! Just let us know if you want an edition. We would be happy to introduce you to how NFTs work.