Pages Width and Height

I use pages but don't use it to the full size of my stage.
The elements on the pages are not adjacent one to the other.
When i move to the next page i see clear gap between the current page to the next one.
How i can set width and height for the pages?

Hi @amihanya - you can set each page in a new Container(w, h) that will set the bounds. We also created Page(w,h,color,color2) which is a Container with easy gradient. Not sure if this helps - but have not had any gap issues with Pages so I am sure there is a solution.

A Container with no bounds set - as in you make it without adding the width and height - will have bounds that match the size of the objects created.

Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

i try but its not work:

this.con = new Container(576,1080);
this.pages = new Pages(this.page_arr, "slide").addTo(this.con);

An outer container will not help - each of the pages themselves should be in a container that has a bounds set. I am not totally sure I understand the problem - you could leave a screen shot of what you mean. But make sure each of your pages are in a container with bounds or a Page object.

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like that:

            let con = new Container(this.pageWidth, this.pageHeight);
            const page = new Page(this.pageWidth, this.pageHeight, blue);
            const item = this.makeNewPage(pageData);

not work for me

Recording #741
you can see the gap when i swipe the pages

lol - I see something... not sure what.

I can't tell what is your page. The page needs to be as wide as the container. If the page is not as wide, I guess you will see a gap. I think that Pages was made to expect the same size pages.

I made example:
ZAPP: Pages | ZIM JavaScript Canvas Framework (
you can see the 1 page and 2 page have a gap.
if you change the page size to stage size (1024) that look good and no gap.

Ah... sorry, I forgot... the holder parameter needs to be set.
To prepare the pages, we need to know what container you will be using - otherwise it assumes the stage.

const pages = new Pages({

Too bad I did not provide this link at the start - I was going to but then did not.

WORK :slight_smile:

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