Physics Maze

i build that maze but i see sometimes the pieces of maze move a little bit, that not look good and the ball go out.
How i can join the pieces strongly? and stick it?
And how you can give better performance?

Using physics.debug() we can see the joins.


Try joining the four corners together as well.

Or even make the four bounding walls one Rectangle each.

Thanks! I use debug in my code.
Make join for each rectangle to all the corners?

that work but not all time:

Cool idea of maze.. I tried it bu suddenly
When turning over
Ball disappears

You can use a single bitmap for the maze. And hide the actual walls using alpha=0. That way even if the pieces move the problem won't show out.

@karelrosseel82 Thanks! i will fix that.
@VishwasGagrani that what i do in the game.
but style the ball jump out sometimes

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@karelrosseel82 fix :slight_smile:

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