Positioning of a Pane

I want to change the position of a Pane. The documentation states "You do not need to add it to the stage - it adds itself centered. You can change the x and y (the origin and registration point are in the middle)." I tried adding .loc, but to no avail. Any ideas?

Yes, @jarlook - add the loc() or a mov() after the Pane() show(). So:

const pane = new Pane("Waiting");

// sometime later when you want to show:


// or all at once of you want to start with a pane:

new Pane("hello").show().loc(500,500);

Thanks for that tip. I'm coming to understand that timing is everything in ZIM. (Ok, perhaps that's true for all of life. Chissà.)

That is a weird one. We wanted to make the Pane as simple as possible to just get a message there. We could have added a few more parameters to the show() to give it an x and y... maybe we will one day. But then just thought it is easy enough to chain on a loc() or mov() - but it is not as clear. A few people in the past have been stumped too... so it is a minor pain point that we will keep watch on. Cheers.