Question for Forum Users

Can you see messages with an inbox if you scroll down on the left panel under the tags?



Found out what it was. Members had to be at Trust Level 4 or admin/staff to see messages. We have changed that to Trust Level 1. There is a Trust Level 0, so probably you need to perhaps post once. Or maybe just read a few posts to get to Trust Level 1. Woot.

@wanwan - can you see the messages now?

still, No~

@pettis any thoughts on this? We are trying to get the members to have Messages on the left. This settings was initially set to Trust Level 4 so I thought that explained why some have messages and others do not. But maybe this is the wrong setting for messages - as it refers to E-mail and not sure that is the same thing.

Ah wait... @wanwan - you were still at a trust level of 0 so have upped you to level 1. Will have to read up on when the trust levels change - we can adjust that too. I think initially, to get the Forum going, the trust levels were given out rather freely... then they change to require more posts, etc.

I found the settings for trust levels and have set the Messaging to Trust Level 1.

I have adjusted Trust Level 1 to the following - you must have:


  • posted ONE message
  • read FIVE messages
  • spent five minutes reading messages
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@wanwan Do you see the messages drop-down on the left now?

I can't see it yet but after this post, I'm sure I will :+1:

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Hi @anitha - welcome to the forum! Just took another look and the time required to reach Trust Level 1 is 10 minutes. You are now at 10 minutes so perhaps you see the messages now?

yes yes~ thank you for asking :smiley:

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Yes, I see the messages now!

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Okay - thanks folks - I think we have worked it out. Cheers.

I could only see it when i was a member and onwards, new users are unable to see or send messages until they are promoted.

ps- i used magic to post in a closed topic lol

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