Series Animation doesn't work with alpha and scale with from

ZAPP: sequence animate | ZIM JavaScript Canvas Framework (

Thanks will see if we can fix it when we get a chance. Trying to finish off the TextureActive Studio launch. Cheers.

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let rect =  new Rectangle(100,100,red).centerReg()

the red rectangle:
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The link seems to just go to the editor... but we see what you mean. It probably relates to the other issue you have (so have moved it onto that one). I remember there were problems with series animate to the same property... thought we fixed that ages ago but perhaps something got undone. Will have a look hopefully this weekend.

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that break old games

Just did a test and it works in 015 and before. So it is something we did in 016. That should make it easier to find.

If we comment out this code, then the series works. So... just need to figure out what this was doing...

// ZIM 016 - HANDLE RE-ANIMATE - animating the same as already animating 
// might override the tween so the previous does not finish 
// and would not endTween() which removes tweens at id and turns off Ticker.
// endTween(id);

var oAr = [];
for (var o in obj) {oAr.push(o);}
oAr = oAr.sort().toString();
if (!target.z_twpr) target.z_twpr = {};
else {
	var matchID = target.z_twpr[oAr];
	if (matchID) {
		endTween(matchID, true); // true prevents stopping all tweens in endTween
target.z_twpr[oAr] = id;
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Okay... it is coming back to me. If we run a second tween on the same object with the same property then the first tween was being overridden and it does not complete. At the complete, it removes the id and the ticker function. So this was not being removed and the new code tries to do that. But it is also stopping the series. Hmmm... I guess if the second tween has a wait on it, as the series tween will have, then we can ignore ending the original tween as it will probably be done by the time the second tween runs. Okay - patched and works.