Simple bitmap cache question

How do I get a bitmap snapshot of a display object (e.g., cache of LabelLetters)? I don't want the original to be cached for the display, I just want a bitmap representation to work with separately.

let yourLablettersBitmapCache =new Bitmap(yourContName.cacheCanvas)
I'm not exactly sure, but maybe cacheCanvas is what you want.

Let labelLetters be in a container of your choice.

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Thanks @Ferudun - that put me in the right direction. Here's what worked:

const bitmap = new Bitmap(displayObject.cacheCanvas);

I had to cache() it first. I uncache() it at the end because I don't want the original to operate like a bitmap. Note I'm doing this directly on the object (LabelLetters), not its container. Thanks again!

You're welcome I'm glad it worked.

You can pass any DisplayObject into a new Bitmap() and it will figure it out - so not need for the cacheCanvas.

const t = new LabelLetters().center()
new Bitmap(t).loc(100,100)

And did you two introduce yourselves in

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