Sneak Preview - ZIM 016

Do I get a preview since I am the one here? :wink: I see emojis and I like the preview. Nice! The ZIM way!

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The site is missing the ZIM favicon. :slight_smile:

@pettis - we had a favicon - but we switched from org to com and perhaps lost it there. It was supposed to be made from the same icon as the forum

hmm with the big pic… I see a slight faint purple line. Perhaps I will fix, upload again and see if it solves the problems.

Okay - went through the set-up wizard again and updated the file with this one… perhaps it will adjust the favicon.

Don’t see it. I like it though. I cleared my cache just to make sure.

@abstract I see the issue appears to be the template is returning http and not https.

@pettis can you fix it or is it something we do? And I probably do not need to @pettis you if I am responding to you…

Waaauw hello @abstract ! Thanks to start FORUM nice and colorful world for code-questions … looking forward for the real release event…

Just working on the updates page and then will update the CDN and switch over the pages to the new CDN import. Should be tomorrow - when we have everything ready.

Good - thanks for the fix @pettis - just had to force the site to use https only