Spritesheet Animation minor bug?

There might be a very tiny bug when using .run() with Duo for Sprite animation. If I define rewind: false and loop: false it will treat them as true. Easy work around seems to be to leave them as default and not define them. I’m probably doing something wrong…

oops. We tested for the existence of loop and rewind and if they existed then add a little extra to the loopWait and rewindWait as a tweek for the sprite smoothness. Well... and in setting that little extra, a few ZIMs ago, we made it if you added any loopWait, it assumed you were looping, etc. We should have tested to see if loop and rewind were true - not if they existed. So if we did not set them at all they were fine... but if we set them to false they existed. Have patched 016. Thanks!

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