Teaching ZIM

This is a post where we can list and discuss teaching ZIM. The two main teaching resources are:

See the TEACH / TEACHER buttons on the sites.

There is also the ZIM Learn section for general resources. Many of these will support you as a teacher and act as references for the students.

Dr Abstract (me) teaches at Sheridan College in Interactive Media. We have two 6 unit courses (6 hours a week for 14 weeks x 2) with lessons as well, so ZIM can certainly be taught in College and University as well.

We would be happy to support you in any way that you would like to teach ZIM - tutorials, workshops, camps, grade school, high school, college, university. Let us know below or give us a direct message (DM).

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There is also a post on Using the ZIM Editor which has a section on using Lists for education - sharing resources with students.

Here is a post about using Sprites in ZIM. This will be helpful for anyone coming from Scratch where all the pictures are called sprites.