TextureActive VR 016 and multisided object issue

TextureActive in VR was not starting in 016... so see what the issue is, maybe we missed an import.

TextureActive in VR in 015 is not working on a BoxGeometry with two different TextureActive objects... works outside VR. Remove one and it works.

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Okay... good. Nothing serious. In ZIM 016, we had added a proper full dispose() to Three(), which required storing the event calls in properties on the Three object. When we did, we had not adjusted for the event functions no longer being hoisted. So just needed to set them after they were declared. Strange it did not give a error... only when using the events - which were VR controller events.

The second issue is that VR needs the TextureActives to use a layer otherwise the controls themselves are getting in the way of the interaction. So just tidying that up now.