TextureActives - ZIM inside three.js

In ZIM 015 we launched TextureActives to bring ZIM into three.js as interactive textures on any material for any mesh.


The ZIM 015 Feature Page has a promo video and lists VR and 3D examples - videos and demos. There are also links to resources - bubbling and explore videos and posts on the three.js forum and discord as well as an Article on the Level Up publication on Medium.

We look forward to working with this in the future. If anyone has any questions or needs help. This post is the place to ask. We will add updates here as we make them!

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Tried the demos on my Quest 2 and everything worked flawlessly. Very cool :face_in_clouds:


Yes - over the summer and beyond, I am on Sabbatical. I hope to do more explorations and perhaps get TextureActives working in Banter worlds where they use A-frame and three.js. Their main worlds are unity, I think... but perhaps it is there interactive parts that are three.js - not sure - need to check it all out. But it was cool to make things for VR!


Just launched a video about using TextureActives in Svelte, React, Angular and VUE.

please try also my VR app 3dwalkVR wiweter and a vr glass with video

with VR button at the bottom

with no VR button at the bottom

and 360 picture with VR button app of my school at Veurne Belgium :slight_smile:

(only walking app with playing videos: https://Webtinq.nl/3dwalk2-codefestival to walk around :-))

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Here is a question and answer as to if we can use a Pen with a TextureActive:

Excellent! We got a message on the weekly three.js newsletter

We created a couple examples of transforming 2D on 3D surfaces - so go and check out the comment. So far, it has been there for a week and 1 person has clicked through... sigh... hopefully, it is the person who asked the question.

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