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Welcome to TUBM!

For those of you that do not know, TUBM is a forum game in which one person posts a statement saying “The user below me is/has…” and then someone else replies either yes or no, and can go into more elaborate detail if they so choose. They then write up a new TUBM statement (in that same post) and the chain continues.

The user below me likes dogs
(The user below me aka the next poster will answer if they like dogs, then they will ask a question.)

I suffer dogs and realize that many people love dogs and I love that people love dogs but I love cats.

Does the user below me like cats?

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Yes, i do
TUBM likes red apples

I like red apples, also unfortunately we will be setting a timer on this, so if no one posts for 2 days, it’ll close.

TUBM is making something in ZIM.

I am definitely making something in ZIM - four Game Tutorials... on Medium and YouTube. Fun!

TUBM has not yet posted in the ZIM Forum...

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