Three.js loading GLB file

Hi all, another ZIM and Three.js related question here. I commissioned a 3D developer on fiverr to produce a 3D file for a project I'm working on. I got sent this GLB file here... (230.2 KB)

It loads fine with the online Three.js gLTF viewer found here:

But when I try to load with the ZIM Three implementation I'm getting a "GLTFLoader_module.js:3189 THREE.GLTFLoader: Couldn't load texture" error.

Having read around one guess I had is that I need the DRACOLoader to decompress the mesh (three.js docs). But having tried that I think I'm barking up the wrong tree. Any ideas where I might be going wrong?

I had the same problem
you have to save your file again in this online gtlf coder

I watched this movie

and so I openend the file into . com to get the texture-image, changed the textured with my name in <> :slightly_smiling_face: , I click save as .glb file I open it again into . report and click RUN to be sure it is metal/rough color (because is is needed for threejs) than I save it again as .gltf into a zip I get may .gltf file + baseColor . jpg I upload both files to github I load the file in ZIM I see the result and can change the light onto my object Was a nice working out journey.. GreetZ Karel

you can test
or the zapp

so open

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Thank you Karel. That is very much appreciated.
As there are three.js viewers that can display the .GBL binary file as it is I'm hoping I can replicate that before I go down this conversion route (because I'm likely to get many more files in this format).
Your right, other project I have which have a .gLTF file, a .bin file and a texture jpeg work just fine with the ZIM Three implementation.

super, maybe you can share that project also with me to have a look..

Sure. It's running locally at the moment but will link you a copy when it's on the server.

ok, or into the
I share my zapp

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