Tile with unique is not cloning properly

Had an issue cloning a Tile with the unique parameter set to true... will do some testing now.

Guess it kind of makes sense... The unique is supposed to not clone the items as it makes the tile and that way the event listeners and custom properties on the items are maintained. So a clone is basically grabbing them from the first tile made so they remain unique. Unique is also used to do the items in order - and maybe the event listeners are not important. But in that case, a series can be used.

We can probably set some sort of flag when it is being cloned to ignore the unique and make clones of each of the objects in the order they are in the first... but the event listeners, etc. would not work. Hmmm.

I guess the clone is pretty well useless the way it is so we may as well make it copy the unique elements and lose their listeners. And if it does not work for someone, they will just have to add a second bunch of listeners. But at least that way, half the time it is still useful, and partially useful even with listeners.

There... fixed up the clone() of Tile() with unique settings and adjusted the clone for the Selector as well... In the selector, it was setting an x and y of the tile. Then in the clone that x and y was maintained but causing the bounds to shift compared to the original which placed the selector at the wrong place. So just reset the x and y of the cloned tile to 0 in the clone method of the selector - before making the clone.