To animate gradient colors with ZIM GradientColor() and not using ZIM shader()

Is there any available example to animate gradient color with ZIM GradientColor() without using ZIM Shader()?

Do you have an example on how you would like something animated? Maybe you don't have to "animate a gradient" but some other technique that gets the same effect.

I do not really have an example. It is just that i use ZIM GradientColor() in many places and i would like to apply some animation such as changing changing the colors within ZIM GradientColor() or changing the ratio or angle or the x0,y0, x1,y1.

I don't think there is any way to directly animate the gradient short of remaking the gradient as you animate color data. Usually animating HSV numbers is best. Something like ZIM - Drawing with Damping and Blitting on the Canvas with JavaScript

But you can also overlay multiple gradients with blend modes or alpha, etc. and get effects.

Wow. Thank you for the explanation and for the example.