ZIM Carousel() loading gifs, but displaying only as image

We can load gifs in ZIM Carousel(), but they converted as static image. Is it possible to get the animated gif playing in the Caroussel?

I forgot to include . Let me try with this.

I forgot to include gifler.js. But in facf, i want to use a gif in a threejs environment by adding a new ZIM Gif() to a ZIM TextureActive().

Yes I was going to point out you also need gifler to run a GIF. Did you ever get it running in your ZIM Carousel()?

ZIM Caroussel() can display ZIM Gif(). My only question is how do i run Gif in ZIM threejs?

Yes, i am able to do it. Thank you. I just do not know how to display GIF with ZIM threejs.

Have you done anything with ZIM texture active? It would be approximately the same way with GIFler. I know animating sprites work with a texture active mesh.

Yes, i have used ZIM TextureActive(). Since i use the import module to spcify ZIM_three, i do not know how or where to specify the gifer.js. If i use the cdn, i do not know how or where to specify three.js.

Hi @kaviphimmasone - add the gifler in a script tag before the script type=module. Then import the ZIM_three in the module script. Thanks @pettis for the aid.

Thank you. I have tried that and probably i did not do it properly. I will try again. By the way, there is a module 'TrackballControls' in threejs. Is this module available in ZIM_three?

Yes, it works. My mistake i typed new Gif() instead of new GIF(). I am able to use a gif image in threejs with the use of ZIM_three. Thank you for the support.

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Hi @kaviphimmasone - we have just made it so you can use any of the three.js controls not included in ZIM_three as follows:

import zim from "https://zimjs.org/cdn/016/zim_three";
import {TrackballControls} from "https://zimjs.org/cdn/three/TrackballControls";

ZIM_three includes by default:


The others you can import separately like the example above.

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Thank you. By the way, this module brings zoom in/out softness when using the mouse wheel. It is supposed to. Let me try.

It works. Thank you.

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