ZIM Forum is Here! Sunsetting Slack

As part of the ZIM 016 launch, we have created a new Forum through Discourse. There are two main reasons for moving:

  1. The forum content will show in Web searches.
  2. The messages will persist and not be removed after three months.

Discourse has been used for many tech communities including three.js, Cloudflare, FreeCodeCamp, OpenAI, etc. We hope you like it!

We will refer to this as the ZIM Forum, not Discourse, as we are still keeping Discord - and it would just be too confusing.

We will miss Slack with its:

700 Users
70,000 Messages
Many Memories

Slack has Channels. Discourse has Categories.
Slack has Posts with Threads. Discourse has Topics.

Channels on Discourse are Chat channels.
Slack is hosted by Slack. Discourse is hosted by ZIM.

It will take a little practice. And there are lots of plugins to take a look at which could be exciting. We would like to thank Pettis Brandon for helping install. We would also like to thank Disco Drama for helping us get the server working on the cloud.

We will keep Slack around for a few months while we move people over. And, as mentioned, Discord is still there to make things easy for discord users.

And now to submit our first post on the ZIM Forum!

Dr Abstract



And we can search beyond 90 days on Discourse.
If you find a way (API?) to export all the previous knowledge (questions and threads) from slack to Discourse, that would be great!

I think we have it as a json file... it is pretty choppy... but maybe.

The Top Right of the ZIM Site now says FORUM! Woot. That is here!

The ZIM Devs https://devs.zimjs.com site now lists the Forum on under the 016 Updates! Although we have to change the Slack message at the top - will do soon.

The About Page https://zimjs.com/about.html notes the Forum (that's here!) in the Releases section.

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The ZIM 016 page at https://zimjs.com/016 now features the Forum up top!

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The Forum (here!) has been added to the ZIM footer

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The ZIM Forum is now linked at the top of the Devs page https://devs.zimjs.com

We have just announced over on SLACK that on March 1, 2024 we are closing SLACK for posting. We will keep the forum there to read posts for another three months. But all the channels will be set to read-only. Glad you are here. If you have not already, please introduce yourself here https://forum.zimjs.com/t/introductions-please-tell-us-something-about-you

Once again, a big thanks to SLACK and the 700 ZIM users posting 70,000 messages! Unfortunately, most of those we can no longer read... so that is one reason for coming to Discourse.

Slack has been closed down for posting. The messages will stay there until 3 months from their original post time. Goodbye Slack - it was a good forum. Hello Discourse! Getting used to it and quite like it too!