ZIM in AI always exports 10.6 code: test with Chat.ai and SheCodes.com AI(Athena)

check this out: SheCodes easy shows helping code to use with ZIMjs!

I found out https://CHAT.AI with 4.0 still exports ZIM 10.6 code

any improvements about that?

Sure! ZIM is a JavaScript framework that makes it easy to create interactive graphics and animations. Below is an example of how you can create a rectangle with a star in the center using ZIM:


// Ensure you have included the ZIM library in your HTML file

// <script src="https://zimjs.org/cdn/zim_10.6.0.js"></script>

const { Rectangle, Star, Stage, Container } = zim;

// Create a new stage

const stage = new Stage(800, 600, "#FFFFFF", 30);

// Create a rectangle

const rectangle = new Rectangle(300, 200, "#FF0000");


// Create a star

const star = new Star(50, 5, "#FFFF00", "#000000", 2);


// Add the rectangle to the stage


// Add the star to the rectangle


// Update the stage to render the changes


In this code:

  1. We create a new Stage with a width of 800 pixels, a height of 600 pixels, a white background, and a frame rate of 30 frames per second.

  2. We create a Rectangle with a width of 300 pixels, a height of 200 pixels, and a red fill color.

  3. We center the rectangle on the stage.

  4. We create a Star with a radius of 50 pixels, 5 points, a yellow fill color, a black stroke color, and a stroke thickness of 2 pixels.

  5. We center the star within the rectangle.

  6. We add the rectangle to the stage.

  7. We add the star to the rectangle.

  8. We update the stage to render the changes.

This will create a red rectangle with a yellow star centered inside it on a white background.

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How cool!