ZoomSlider doesn't loose focus

In my application I am using a container which holds all the UI elements (buttons, dpad, sliders). One of those is the zoomSlider, which is wired to the scale of my
main display/scene container thus zooming in and out what I want to display.
However ..
Releasing the knob of the slider, moving out the mouse off the slider as well as rolling out don`t remove focus or "deactivate" the slider so that hitting up/down left/right on the keyboard still change the position of the slider knob an thus change the scale. BTW I am using those keyboard keys in parallel to the dpad for moving an item on the display in the app but not at all are they linked to any zoom action by purpose.
Please, how can I remove action from the slider once I finally roll off the slider?
Thanks in advance for your valuable help and ideas.

Found it a minute ago: "keyArrows" has to be set appropriately to false.
Going back to sleep... :blush:

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