Add attach to Physics docs and make perfect attach

the perfect attach mean the physics have all the props of the ZIM display object like x,y,rotation, scale, width, height.
and let us to selecrt what will be in attach.

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@amihanya - attach is in the docs under DOCS - ZIM JavaScript Canvas Framework - Documentation and then down under the second set of methods.

We should be able to do rotation to... have you done scale before? I think I remember you asking. What was the solution? We can search back on Slack now... for a few more days.

In my project i remove the physics and add it every change :frowning: so its not help to that request

I looked for scale in Box2D and it did not have it... it did have rotation, x and y. Ah... just looked again and a circle can have its fixture.GetShape.m_radius changed.

We will try and experiment with this a little later...