Can an image have a rotation bullet with mini-menu?

Idea i found at (also )
to have a rotation circle connected to the transform when an image should be turend.

any idea if this can become a standard, now rotation has for corners HandleSize in zim.

  • a little menu to duplicate the image possible?

We are fine with our rotation at the corners. Never really liked the rotation circle - looks off balance to me. But... maybe it is because I don't use mobile devices. Are you guys finding the four corners too much? It made sense on the desktop on rollover - you go to any of the corners and it is there. If we were to go to a single circle what would happen on the desktop? I don't like it sitting there on the desktop... possibly we could go with just the one on mobile and leave it as it currently is on the computer. Any thoughts other than @karelrosseel82 ?

I think at one time there was a hotkey that duplicates - just looked but we must have removed it. You can easily make your own visual format. We are not at this time going to add a visual duplicate to the transform but will keep it in mind.

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good idea to have for mobile rotateHandle:one for example

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