Can zim make this also possible (as flutter can)

I find this example : game for kids 'catch the monsters' as zim has also robots and monsters at Odd Robots
maybe zim can make this possible?

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That game definitely seems in the realm of possibility for ZIM.

Thanks for sharing Odd Robots, the amount of time I just spent playing is concerning. I feel like I've developed a bit of roboprejudice. :man_facepalming:


any idea.. should I need also with for that?
It is a challange to beat flutter with the simplicity of ZiM .. can you?

For sure... but we have already proven that here

So now... it is up to others to try ;-).


but can you help a little so socket is needed or how would you make it?

It depends perhaps on the controller. ZIM, or really JavaScript, has a GamePad API. It is built in to the MotionController. So we can use game controllers as easily as a mouse:

new MotionController(new, "gamestick");

And the circle will move based on the gamepad.

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