Discourse Tips - Please Add Yours!

Please add any Discourse tips you might have - or any requests for plugins or whatever they call them... what do they call them?

I have found a few things and possibly we will make some adjustments to make things easier. In general, Discourse uses markdown - so you can check that out here: Supported formatting in posts (markdown, BBCode, and HTML) - users - Discourse Meta

To make code, use three back-ticks (top left corner of keyboard) and then optionally add javascript right after the three back-ticks. Then end your code with three back-ticks ( ` ). I am not sure why there is no code block icon... perhaps we can get one added somehow - @pettis any thoughts? The code will then look like this:

// here is code
const circle = new Circle().center().drag();

When adding a URL the system seems to make the title of the page the link. This is annoying because ZIM uses redirects such as the code page link which is the main ZIM URL plus /code - unfortunately, that turns into this:  ZIM | Teleport 

We will look into solving this, but until then, you can use the full link to the html page which is the main ZIM URL plus /code.html on the end. It will then change the URL to the title like so: CODE - ZIM JavaScript Canvas Framework - Code Creativity with ZIMjs!

To avoid that happening at all, you can add angle brackets around the URL which will then show the link: https://zimjs.com/code This is my current favorite way.

There is also the markdown way of adding using square brackets for the name and round brackets around the URL [ZIM Code](https://zimjs.com/code) - that would look like this: ZIM Code

Also, if you add the link in the body of text then it stays a single link. If you add the link on a line of its own then it turns into a summary box:

So... let's leave it at that... but I am sure there will be more tips in the future - and if you know of some, you are welcome to add them here!

Cheers - Dr Abstract


I think you just use the preformatted button for a 'code block'.

var yes = 'this seems right';

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Ah... thanks @pettis - for some reason, mine is in the gear setting... I see it now!

Just found that BOOKMARK, at the bottom of posts, also provides reminders - which is really handy for us. We used that a lot in Slack.

I am testing out how a link to another topic works in Discourse. The issue at hand is that people are starting to talk about things in the intro post. That is good... but perhaps if there is something you want to discuss like 360 wrap arounds then start a topic about 360 wrap arounds and post a short link to it. That way the discussions can be better organized.

This post is somewhat of an example itself. It is sitting here in a general tips post. If there are now 10 replies they get in the way of general tips. So it might have been better to make a post specially about this. But... perhaps this is all the posts we will need to get across the idea!

We used to have threads... which was handy but not always used. Also... a reminder, at any time, you can edit your post and add to it rather than making multiple posts. I just did that for this paragraph.